Facilities management

The Bumerang Smart system offers continuous monitoring of the operating parameters of rainwater drainage facilities – from any place, at any time, on any mobile device. Bumerang Smart allows you to plan and record all inspections and service operations, and to archive notes and photos to guarantee proper maintenance of facilities and provide the basis for introducing changes, modernisation and reconstruction for better operation of devices. 

Monitoring and remote control of devices are a must in modern water supply and sewage systems, contributing to an improvement of flood protection and enabling better management of retention and utilisation of rainwater 

and efficient management of the operation of entire water supply and sewage networks. Monitoring data not only support the ongoing control of the system, but are also used in long-term development plans for operating activities. 

Benefits of Bumerang Smart 

  • The ability to remotely control and edit all settings available in distributed control systems. 
  • Easy configuration of events and alerts as well as user notification methods (including email and SMS) as part of the subscription. 
  • Current information on the status of all monitored locations, also using the most up-to-date maps. 
  • The ability to create any groups of facilities and easier filtering of views. 
  • Advanced analysis of operating parameters of all devices and sensors (balances, meters, statements, audits and programmable calculations). 
  • The ability to keep a service book of facilities with an extensive mechanism reminding when it is necessary to perform specific works or call external specialists. 

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