Bumerang Smart for the fire protection retention reservoir in Rawicz

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Termin realizacji2019

Project description 

Smart control systems not only ensure better management and use of rainwater, but also significantly improve the operation of the entire water and sewage network. In the face of severe climate change, they are crucial elements of any modern water protection system. To manage the accumulated rainwater in the reservoir in Rawicz, it was decided to equip it with the BUMERANG SMART system. 

Actions aimed at increasing the retention capacity in Rawicz 

The Rawicz Commune is planning to build a floodplain polder to accommodate the entire water supply from an hour of intense rainfall. Its capacity will be 7,200 m3, and the construction cost is estimated at approx. PLN 1.4 million. 

This is the next stage of the commune’s activities aimed at constructing a modern infrastructure for collecting precipitation. Its first part was the construction of a 550 m3 retention reservoir, which was completed last year on the existing rainwater drainage system, accompanied by the reconstruction of the rainwater drainage system at Kadecka Street. 

The designed rainwater drainage system (with rain inlets, sedimentation chambers, overflow chamber, rainwater reservoir and rainwater pumping stations) is intended to relieve the existing rainwater drainage system and provide drainage of the surrounding areas. 

As the project contractor, Ecol-Unicon has used HYDROZONE BENEFIT modular solution with additional equipment for effective retention, pre-treatment and the use of rainwater and meltwater. The whole system consists of an integrated mineral suspension and water/oil separator and two pumping systems. The first module is used for emptying the reservoir before rainfalls, while the second one supplies the hydrant for fire protection and watering purposes. The reservoir control is supported by the BUMERANG SMART system. 

Technical elements of the projects 

The rainwater drainage network is made of solid PVC pipes and connected to the designed underground rainwater retention tank. It is equipped with prefabricated, concrete inspection chambers with monolithic bottoms and appropriately shaped base units. The chambers are covered with ventilated, concrete-filled hatches. 

A new overflow chamber was constructed as part of the reconstruction of the existing rainwater sewerage for storm overflow, relieving the existing egg-shaped channel. The basic element working with the designed channel is the overflow valve, which can smoothly change the height of the overflow edge and determine the amount of rainwater inflow to the designed channel and further to the retention reservoir. 

Using the HYDROZONE BENEFIT retention reservoir 

A prefabricated reinforced concrete retention reservoir was used in the project, consisting of flat closing modules, an extension module, internal supports and covers. 

The reservoir features the following pre-treatment chambers: the centrifugal chamber for separating mineral suspension, the chamber of lamella oil/water separator and the retention and pump chamber. They effectively separate suspensions and petroleum substances from rainwater flowing in the rainwater drainage system before being used for watering greenery. 

Some of the covers feature manhole chimneys, topped with a manhole; in two of the chimneys there is a modular ladder with a retractable stainless steel handrail. The water storage chamber is also ventilated with stainless steel ventilation chimneys. 

Two pumping systems in the retention reservoir in Rawicz 

There are two independent pumping systems in the reservoir. One two-pump system empties the reservoir by pumping water into the rainwater drainage system, while the other is used for filling water tankers or fire engine tanks. Submersible pumps are used, with the capacity of 10 dm3/s. The pumping stations are supplied with electricity from the existing electrical system. 

The pumping systems are controlled from the switchgear located at the reservoir. A hydrostatic probe and two floats are installed in the tank: one indicates the minimum level and the other alerts when the maximum water level in the reservoir is reached. In addition, the measurement of the water level in the well is possible by using an ultrasonic probe. 

Thanks to the installed pressure transducer, the second pump system maintains a constant pressure in the hydrant, and the pump can operate with full efficiency when the hydrant is open. 

The reservoir with pumping stations is connected to the BUMERANG SMART monitoring and management system, and the pump control and status view are provided via GSM. Moreover, an emergency overflow was designed for the cases when it is impossible to receive water, i.e. the reservoir is overfilled, the emptying system has failed or there is a service interruption. 

BUMERANG SMART – benefits 

  • The benefits of using the BUMERANG SMART control and monitoring system in this type of projects include an increased efficiency of management of the water accumulated in retention reservoirs, meaning the reduction of lost retention and the use of in situ water. It is also a way to lower the operating costs and increase safety. 
  • Its major advantage is also the ability to download data from weather websites and local rain gauges. The system allows you to collect real measurement data for the preparation or optimisation of a hydrodynamic model for rainwater drainage systems. 
  • The system shows on an ongoing basis the current status of monitored facilities and generates relevant alerts and automatically starts the necessary processes in the case of undesirable events. 
  • It is certainly worth considering the installation of the system for other projects involving water retention reservoirs. Especially since a certain advantage of BUMERANG SMART is its ability to work not only with Ecol-Unicon devices, but also with other facilities of rainwater and sanitary sewage systems. 

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