Installation of the intelligent BUMERANG retention management system in Rzeszów

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Termin realizacjimaj – listopad 2020

Project description 

For years, remote monitoring systems have been indispensable for various industries and local economy. They not only enable instant data collection and control of devices in remote locations, but also ensure safety and allow you to save time and money. An example of such solutions is the BUMERANG SMART system for monitoring and management of water and sewage systems, which has been recently installed in the Budziwój Estate in Rzeszów. 

Troubling flooding in the Budziwój Estate 

In 2010 the town of Budziwój was affected by a huge flood. In the same year, the town was incorporated into Rzeszów, and the resulting area of 17.5 km2 (as much as 14% of the entire city) is currently the largest housing estate in the capital of Podkarpacie. At that time, the mayor announced that to prevent further floods and inundations, a modern sewage system would be built in the estate area for drainage and management of rainwater. 

The construction of the rainwater drainage system for roads and areas in the estate is one of the essential municipal projects and an extremely important undertaking, also because of using an innovative solution – a retention sewer. Unfortunately, as a result of the development and the formation of impermeable surfaces that restricted and prevented natural water retention, the estate would still suffer from troublesome flooding. 

Therefore, the City Hall decided to comprehensively modernise the sewage system and support it with the BUMERANG SMART solution, thanks to which it will be possible to intelligently maximise the volume of rainwater held in retention reservoirs and collectors, while the collected water will be usable for municipal purposes. 

Project implementation and basic technical aspects 

The entire system consists of six sets of reservoirs with an area of 1720 m3, an automatic valve system with a drive and radar-based water level measurement, an automatic system of motorised valves, an oil/water separator, a hydrant supply pump system, water quality and conductivity meters and water level sensors in tanks. 

However, the starting point for designing a smart management system and the use of rainwater was mainly the development of a local rainfall model, local hyetographs and computer hydrodynamic modelsEcol-Unicon Sp. z o.o. prepared full design documentation, and then obtained the necessary permits for the purposes of the contract. After delivering and installing the software with the necessary devices, construction works began to convert the reservoir. 

Grey water pre-treatment facility in the sewage system of Rzeszów 

The pre-treatment facility is a very important element of the entire project. It is an underground system with a maximum capacity of 30 dm3/s, whose purpose is the highly effective separation of suspended solids and petroleum derivatives from rainwater flowing in the rainwater drainage system. Water treated in this way can then be used for municipal purposes. 

The body of the pre-treatment device consists of four chambers: the centrifugal chamber for separating mineral suspension, the chamber for stopping flotation impurities, the lamella oil/water separator chamber and the retention and pump chamber. 

  • The first chamber separates the suspended matter easily falling from the rainwater that flows from the reservoir. Thanks to the deflector placed at the inlet, it is possible to bring sewage tangentially to the reservoir side, which forces the rotating movement of sewage. The design is designed for using (apart from the force of gravity) the centrifugal force, so that despite the small surface, you can obtain high efficiency of suspension separation at high hydraulic loads. 
  • The second chamber stops contaminants floating on the water surface. 
  • Wastewater is immediately taken to the lamella separator chamber, where the flotation process separates light pollutants, meaning fluids with density lower than water, such as: gasoline, diesel oil, heating oil and other oils of mineral origin. Importantly, the lamella sections are removable and equipped with cords for pulling them out of the separator and cleaning. They can be reused after cleaning. 
  • Finally, the retention and pumping chamber stores the treated wastewater. The chamber features a submersible pump with a coupling elbow and guides. 
  • An additional advantage of the system is that cleaning and inspections do not require the service staff to enter the body since their tasks can be done from the ground level. 

BUMERANG SMART in the Budziwój Estate in Rzeszów – key benefits 

Measurement devices installed in the rainwater drainage system facilities make it possible to collect the monitoring data and transfer them to the user via a GSM network. The system analyses the status of facilities on an ongoing basis and uses the implemented algorithms to automatically start the appropriate system processes. In addition, it shows the current status of monitored facilities and generates relevant alerts in the case of undesirable events. 

At the same time, real-time data are downloaded from weather websites and local rain gauges for more effective management of facilities and rainwater. BUMERANG SMART allows you to collect real measurement data for the preparation or optimisation of a hydrodynamic model for rainwater drainage systems. 

The project commissioned in November 2020 in the Budziwój Estate in Rzeszów will therefore not only optimise the operation of retention reservoirs and prevent floods and inundations. Thanks to the BUEMRANG Smart management and monitoring system, it will be possible to better control the weather conditions and utilise rainwater more effectively. This type of software is a great support for large water and sewage systems. 

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