Municipal Bumerang – retention management in cities

Bumerang Smart system uses smart work algorithms to perform operations aimed at increasing the use of rainwater and ensuring the safety of rainwater drainage. The purpose of the system is to maximise the volume of rainwater retained in retention reservoirs and collectors with pipe retention, which is used for municipal purposes and improves the flood safety during heavy rainfall. 

Depending on the rainfall forecasts, current data from local rain gauges, measurement of water level in the main collector of storm sewage systems and retention reservoirs, water quality and possible contamination of separators, the system guarantees optimal retention and safety in the event of sudden downpour. 

Reservoir filling depends on the intensity of forecast rain and may include mechanisms such as initial washing of the storm collector or automatic reservoir emptying.

If the water quality in reservoirs drops below configurable limit values or water is retained in the reservoir for a period longer than the assumed useful life, the water will be released as soon as collector conditions allow it.

If the separator sensors detect any contamination, the system will block the ability to further fill the reservoir until the separator is cleaned, so as to prevent excessive contamination of reservoirs.

Smart control is provided by the current data readings from the local meteorological station and specialised, digital weather forecasts processed by the system to use the analysis results for triggering specific actions of latches and valves. Therefore, water in retention reservoirs is available most of the year, while ensuring the proper operation of the entire rainwater sewage system and fulfilling its basic function – an effective drainage of rainwater. 

All data, statuses and conditions of devices are securely made available to system operators through a web browser.

Operators also can remotely control the infrastructure elements.

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