Optimal retention volume management

The system controls and optimises the operation of retention reservoirs installed at the existing storm sewage collectors, for example. Using the most up-to-date weather forecasts, data from local meteorological stations and hydrodynamic models developed for the particular catchment, it manages the system operation so as to ensure that as much water as possible from the reservoir is used for municipal purposes, at the same time providing a safe reserve for receiving sudden downpour. 

Objectives of the system operation 

  • Ensuring optimal operation of the device and preventing excessive contamination of reservoirs thanks to the sensors installed at the separator. 
  • Controlling the quality of collected water and maintaining its parameters through smart use of aeration jets, fountains, playgrounds, etc. 
  • Improvement of flood safety during heavy rainfall. 
  • Integration with meteorological instruments, such as laser rain gauges. 
  • Maintaining a preset damming level in reservoirs – filling depends on the intensity of forecast and measured rain and may include mechanisms such as initial washing of the storm collector or automatic reservoir emptying. 
  • Optimisation of the system operation – depending on the forecasted rainfall, current rain gauge data, measurement of the water level in retention reservoirs, pumping station output, water quality and possible contamination of separators. 
  • Presentation of the latest weather forecasts and warnings for monitored locations and the ability to create advanced control rules for weather forecasts. 
  • Maximising the volume of rainwater retained in retention reservoirs for municipal purposes. 

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