Monitoring and management

Bumerang Smart

Bumerang Smart is an innovative IT tool for managing and monitoring the operation of devices and facilities in water and sewage systems. It is also an integral part of Hydrozone retention reservoirs, EPS pumping stations, ETS dry well pumping station and BIOFIT treatment plants. 


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Bumerang Smart

IT infrastructure

  1. Monitoring and remote control of devices installed in a sewage network are necessary in modern water and sewage systems, contributing to improvement of flood protection and ensuring better management of rainwater retention and use, and economic and efficient management of the operation throughout water and sewage networks. 
  2. Monitoring data not only support the ongoing control of the system, but are also used in long-term development plans for operating activities. Monitoring and remote control solutions are delivered in set with Ecol-Unicon devices, but they can also work with other facilities within rainwater drainage and sanitary sewage systems. 

Monitor your data

  • Retention reservoirs
  • Pumping stations
  • Dry well pumping stations
  • Pre-treatment systems
  • Meteorological stations
  • And many more

How does it work?

Measuring devices (as integral parts of the Bumerang Smart control and management system), such as level and flow probes, and remotely controlled actuators, such as pumping stations, latches or valves, are installed in the rainwater drainage, combined and sanitary sewage systems. The collected data are transferred via the GSM network to the BUMERANG Smart monitoring system. The system analyses the status of facilities on an ongoing basis and uses the implemented algorithms to automatically start the appropriate system operations. In addition, it shows the current status of monitored facilities and generates relevant alerts in the case of undesirable events. 


The system gathers data from weather websites and local rain gauges for more effective management of facilities and rainwater, e.g. making decisions to empty retention reservoirs before the upcoming rainfall. Bumerang Smart also allows you to gather real measurement data for the purposes of preparing or optimising the model. 

Bumerang Smart - jak to działa

Why is it worth?

  • Reduced operating costs thanks to the use of remotely controlled facilities
  • Effective management of rainwater together with the integration of the management system with the weather forecast
  • Increasing the ecological safety thanks to the ongoing monitoring of the facility
  • The data available in the system allows for more accurate scheduling of device servicing
  • Reducing the response time of technical service staff in the event of a failure
  • On-line availability enables automatic system updates

Features of Bumerang Smart

  • Ongoing monitoring and management 
  • Free configuration of alarms 
  • Effective collection and management of water in retention reservoirs 
  • Analyses and reporting with the export option 
  • Service module 
  • Preventing overfilling of rain collectors during downpours 

Modern Solution

Offered in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, guaranteeing data security and lower maintenance costs 

  • No software to be installed
  • No need to keep a computer working with reliable Internet access
Bumerang Smart
  • Access and ongoing updates to new system features
  • No need for a telemetry subscription in each monitored facility